Marketing First Steps

What is an effective method to reach new customers?
What New Media options are best for my company?
Where do I go to quickly learn about the New Media?
Once the New Media is in place, how do I get it seen by the most customers?

1. First off, postcard mailers and a website are two great places to start. Contact me, so I can assist you in creating a presence in your territory and on the internet.

2. The next logical step after setting up your website is to create a blog. Blogs are very useful because they offer a “New” information that entices your clients to come back to your website to see what interesting things have been added. They are relatively easy to set up and maintain. One of the most difficult parts may be finding new and interesting data to add to it. There are also many social networking options to chose from, but for now, I suggest focussing on setting up your website and blog and save the social networking information for the next phase.

3. and are two really good places to learn about how to create a blog amongst other such useful information. Those two internet tutorial companies offer a wealth of knowledge. It doesn’t cost anything to see what they have to offer. Check them out before you subscribe.

4. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the path needed to get your website visible to a vast number of clients on the internet. Since it deals with code, it is much more complicated than creating your own blog, so we offer SEO services through Windstone Graphics and Printing. You can pick a monthly package deal to have the SEO managed for a time period or a one time SEO refinement package.

I hope this helps.

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