Websites Have Power – Pictures Speak Volumes

LSB Rental Website AdvertisementI experienced first hand the benefits of having a website advertise a business, a family rental property. For 2 months the place was shown and received minimal, sporadic interest in it, even though it was adorable and within walking distance to a beach. It was advertised with open houses in the local newspapers, on, etc., but had very little response.

Finally I decided to create a quick, one page ad for the rental on my own website with a full slide show that not only included the house and garden, but the wonderful quail that frequented the area. I linked the ad to its Craigslist ad on a Friday night. The next Saturday the place received an overwhelming amount of potential renters at the open house. Each group referred to the website and was drawn in by the pictures. It was a simple site created quickly, but it did the work perfectly. The place rented that weekend.

My point is, you just need to be out there with pictures. Truly, they speak volumes.

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