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Design Packages

We create designs our clients are proud to display.

Windstone Graphics & Printing™ offers fantastic design packages for any budget. Whether you need a simple design to get your business started or a complex multi-sample design to perfect your vision, we can help. Our vast experience and understanding of how image flow, color balance, and fonts influence viewers allows us to design logos and products that are eye-catching and appropriate for the business type.

Logo Identity Design* (Logo or Image Creation)
Business Design Packages**(Letterhead, Envelope, & Business Card)

Our 4 levels of design packages for logos and business products:
Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. We also offer per hour pricing.
Contact us for full details.

Copper Medallion Bronze: Our most affordable design package consists of shapes and designs from our Standard Templates Library. We input your information into our quality, pre-designed Standard Templates. 1 sample to chose from and 2 reiterations of changes to one chosen design.
Logo Identity:* $50.
Business Design Package:** $85.

Copper Medallion Silver: An elegant, affordable design package that consists of premium shapes and designs to chose from in our Premiere Templates Library and may also include simple custom designs. 3 samples to chose from and 2 reiterations of changes to one chosen design. We input your information into our Premiere Template Design to create a professional look for your company.
Logo Identity:* $175.
Business Design Package:** $225.

Copper Medallion Gold: Full custom designs with 10 samples to chose from and 10 reiterations of changes to one chosen design. Whether it is for your logo identity or business design package, the final branding design will be unique in its elements.
Logo Identity:* $400.
Business Design Package:** $450.

Copper Medallion Platinum: Full custom, eligant or complex designs with 25 samples to chose from and 15 reiterations of changes to one chosen design. Platinum represents our Premiere Design Package for our most discriminating and style conscious customers.
Logo Identity:* $975.
Business Design Package:** $1025.

*Logo Identity and Business Design Packages do not have to come from the same design category. For Example, if you want more work put into the development of your logo, but are satisfied with a layout from a more affordable Business Design Package, you can pick and chose between the various above groups.

**If design scope needs to expand beyond the limitations of one of our above design packages, then extra work charges will be incurred. Multiple samples and changes beyond the allotted samples and changes listed above are examples of extra work and will be charged as such. Although we intend to adhere to the offered package price, during the course of creating the graphic design work, sometimes the client's needs change and more refining and extra work is requested, hence, incurring more charges. All extra work charges are subject to client's approval before extra work begins. All package prices are subject to change without notice.

Graphic Design Services: Online & Printed Products List

Design Products

• logo designs • business cards • letterhead • envelopes

• postcards • brochures • fliers • door hangers

• folders & inserts • newsletters • booklets • catalogs

• standard forms • multi-part NCR (carbonless) forms

• marketing campaigns • print ads • magazine ads • eMail ads

• custom invitation packages: wedding, graduation & special event

• banners • flags • posters • yard signs • vehicle magnets

• trade show signage & convention displays • standup signs

• bookmarks • cards • puzzles • calendars • promotional products

• t-shirt designs & print • embroidered work shirts & hats • patches

• event, club, or business lapel pins • bags • stickers & clings

website design serviceseNewslettersinteractive forms

See website page for more internet advertising and services offered.
If an item is not listed, contact us to see if we can provide it.

Marketing Strategies

Gain the Competitive Edge with Great Marketing!

Marketing Campaign image showingDeveloping a marketing strategy is vital for every business. Since marketing strategies come in many shapes and sizes, it is difficult to decipher which direction to take. Contact us to see how we can assist in developing the right marketing strategy that fits your business needs. We listen to your business goals, learn about your business products, and help asses which marketing plan and products fit best with your marketing objectives and budget.

Contact us to learn how we can help develop a solid marketing strategy.

  • Strategic Campaign Timelines
  • Branding Consistency
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • eMail Campaigns
  • Search Engine Rankings - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Connections
  • Promotional Products
  • Business Connections at Events
  • Business Networking Associations and Chambers

Branding Consistency plays an important role in successful companies. We review a company brand as it appears across platforms and help unify the marketing material with a consistent brand strategy, message, and graphic design theme.

Basic Marketing includes handing out or mailing business cards, postcards, or fliers to select clients or potential customers, attending meetings or events to make business connections, and upselling products. We offer products and information for basic marketing needs.

Mini Marketing Campaigns are geared toward drawing in new customers. They can be as simple as handing out promotional products or a more complex advertisement campaign that highlights products or an event with custom graphics, signs, banners, promotional mailers, etc. We help develop custom mini marketing campaigns from conception to final product.

email postit reminder to check out informationeMail Marketing and eNewsletters provide savvy, affordable advertising tools that are great ways to remind clients of a business and entise them to seek more information. eMail campaigns can help with sales, search engine rankings, and informing the masses of key information. We offer graphics and content support to help with your eMail marketing campaigns.
Click to read more.

Email marketing art from email campaign to client to shopping cart, news, and website traffic.

Long Term Marketing Strategies outline an overall company plan and commitment to implement marketing tactics with the intention to increase sales. The top marketing goals are to acquire and maintain high search engine rankings for company websites, expand current customer base, expand social media presence, and introduce current customers to more products. This plan is outlined in a yearly timeline and may include some or all of the various marketing strategies. We offer custom long term marketing development and maintenance plans.

See website page for more online advertising and services offered.
If an item is not listed, contact us to see if we can provide it.


bannai family dentistry logoLogos Speak Volumes

A company logo often defines the look and feel of a business. If the logo has elegant graphics, rich colors, clean lines, and bold fonts, the company may be thought to be professional, secure, and trustworthy. If the logo has curly lines, lively imagery, and bright colors, the company may be thought to be playful and a fun place to visit. With over 20 years of design experience, our talented, professional, creative staff can help you achieve whatever message you want to convey about your company. camey construction logo

We offer 4 levels of
Logo Identity Design Packages:
Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
See design packages above for details.

Business Cards

business card stacks imageMake a Great First Impression

Our business cards help your business shine. A business card is usually the first introduction clients will have to your company. That is why we take special care to make sure our business cards and printed products look and feel professional and have memorable designs.

Our products print in vivid color on premium paper with various coatings that emanates quality.

We offer or 4 levels of Business Design Packages:
Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
See design packages above for details.

Business Products

Outshine the Competition!trade booth image

Let Windstone Graphics & Printing™ help guide you through the maze of today's innovative graphic products.

From website design to business cards to convention displays, we offer quality graphics and printing for a wide variety of business needs. Click our Graphic Design Services: Online & Printed Products List for an overview of our services and products, or visit our websites page to see how we can help you get ahead of your competition by implementing new media designs into your online and digital advertising. If you do not see what you need, please contact us.

Disclaimer: All images and trademarks on this page that are not owned by WindstoneGraphics.com or its affiliates are used as our design examples only and are the sole property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affilitated with, connected to, or sponsored by Windstonegraphics.com and its affiliates.
All applicable copyrights reserved.
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